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How do you show Prices?

Displaying the price for a product on Shopify isn't always quite as simple as you might think. Firstly, different variants of the same product might have different prices. For example, on a children's clothing store, the same outfit for a toddler may be cheaper than for an 8-year-old.

Further, some items may be on sale, so they have their current discounted sale price as well as the original cost. In Shopify the original price is known as the Compare At price.

Here's how we show prices in the Better Recommendations widgets.

  • If there aren't any product variants, or they all have the same price, we'll show that price. On the other hand, if there are different prices for variants, we'll show "From" and the lowest price. We also have an Advanced Setting that lets you specify that we should use the highest variant price for a product rather than the lowest price.

  • If there is a Compare At price and it's higher than the current price, we'll also show the Compare At price struck out. If there are different Compare At prices for variants, we'll use the highest option.

Shopify recommendation price displays

If you don't want prices to show, it's also easy to hide pricing altogether from the recommendation widgets.