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How do I add Ajax cart recommendations in the Supply theme?

We recently had a customer using the Supply theme in Shopify, who needed a hand getting Ajax cart recommendations working.

We edited snippets/ajax-cart.template.liquid and added the parts below in bold to the drawerTemplate

<script id="drawerTemplate" type="text/template">

{% raw %}

<div id="ajaxifyDrawer" class="ajaxify-drawer">

<div id="ajaxifyCart" class="ajaxifyCart--content {{wrapperClass}}" style="margin-bottom: -225px; padding-bottom: 249px;"> </div>

{% endraw %}

{% include 'betterrecs', purpose: 'ajax_cart' %}

{% raw %}


<div class="ajaxifyDrawer-caret"><span></span></div>

{% endraw %}


Note the negative margin and large padding. These are to make space in the ajax cart for the recommendations.

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