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Can I include recommendations in Shopify blog posts?

Do you write blog posts for your Shopify store? If you use the built-in blog engine it's really easy to include related product recommendations in your posts. So if you're writing about a product, you might want to show related products that the reader might also be interested in at the end of your post. Here's how.

  • Write your blog post as usual.

  • Go to the 'Show HTML' button at the top right of the content-editing box (it looks like this: <>)

Enter this code, substituting your store's URL and the product code for the item you're writing about

<section class="betterrecs" data-shop="" data-product_id="your product ID" data-template="product" data-purpose="product" style="overflow: auto; clear: both;"></section>  

It will look something like this:

When you publish the blog you'll see the related products included, something like this:

If you want to show the items that the user has recently viewed, simply omit the data product ID and use 'recent' as the template and purpose, like this:

<section class="betterrecs" data-shop="" data-template="recent" data-purpose="recent" style="overflow: auto; clear: both;"></section>

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